Do This Before You Call an AC Repair Company

August 6, 2020

Our AC units play a vital role in the level of comfort we get from our homes. In the winter, they allow us to stay warm and cozy while maybe reading a good book or watching a film with our family. In the summer, they keep us cool and give the most refreshing welcomes to those who come inside from the heat after work or recreation. No wonder when they’re not performing as they ought we immediately call someone to repair it. However, did you know there were some things you could do to get your system up and running before a technician would arrive?

First, check your thermostat. Some thermostats require batteries. If your thermostat requires batteries, then you want to periodically make sure they have enough energy in them. Else, your unit may stop working unexpectedly. To check the batteries in your thermostat, replace them with new ones. If your system begins working immediately, you have found the problem. If it doesn’t, there are still a few more things it could be.

Next you want to check your outside unit and see if it is coming on at all. Look for any signs of power. Usually, you should hear an electrical humming or see a turning fan. If the thermostat indicates your system is “on” but your unit is not functioning, call a technician immediately.

Finally, check your AC filters. If you fail to regularly change your filters your unit will eventually begin to experience poor cold air flow. Once this cold air is trapped inside it can begin to freeze your coils, and if that happens your air conditioning unit will stop functioning. How Dirty Filters Destroy Your System

If your coils are frozen or nothing we've suggested has solved the problem, give us a call immediately. We'll come look at your system and tell you exactly what's wrong with it.